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It may be true that we are powerless when uninformed. But when properly informed, we can be aware. When aware, we can be properly empowered. This journey looks at the various ways we have to know and understand what is happening to the world. In a world dominated by opinion and assertion it is difficult to know where truth lies, in which case it is important to find sources that can be trusted.

We argue very strongly that before one can embark on a course of action one must first know where one is now, which means some sort of measurement. There are many different footprint measures available. The carbon footprint is widely known. A water footprint also exists. In this journey we look at the Ecological Footprint (EF) (which includes a measure of carbon and water use) as a tool to help us make informed decisions about our impact on the biosphere.

The journey also responds to the prevailing notion that we are powerless as individuals, introducing the well-known story used to illustrate chaos theory known as 'the butterfly effect', revealing that every action, however small, may lead to dramatic consequences further down the line.

The Toolkit provides a simple Ecological Footprint (EF) test to give you an approximate indication of the impact your lifestyle has on the biosphere.


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